Photos: 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

Sun sliver

Eclipse sun sliver

(Image credit: Oregon State University)

In this photo taken in Oregon, a sliver of the sun shows during the total solar eclipse.

Bright light

Oregon Eclipse 2017

(Image credit: Oregon State University)

Another shot of the eclipse from Oregon.

Eclipse totality

Eclipse totality

(Image credit: Oregon State University)

Oregon State University fell in the path of totality, allowing them to snap this amazing photo.

Partial eclipse

Eclipse composite

(Image credit: Joel Kowsky/NASA)

A composite image of nine photos showing the progression of the partial solar eclipse near Banner, Wyoming.

Airline shot

Alaska Airlines Eclipse

(Image credit: AlaskaAir/Twitter)

Alaska Airline tweeted, "Experiencing the #GreatAmericanEclipse from 35,000 feet was #TotalityAwesome. We know, we know, pics or it didn't happen. #SolarEclipse2017."

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