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At Live Science, we delve into science news from around the world every day — and some of those stories can get a little weird. Here are some of the strangest science news articles from this week.

When the moon is full, motorcyclists may want to think twice about taking a nighttime ride. A new study shows that motorcycle crashes during the full moon are more likely to be fatal. [Read more about motorcycling by moonlight]

The Sierra Nevada mountain range grew about an inch taller after a period of prolonged drought. NASA scientists found that accumulated water slightly compressed the mountains, so when they lost their "water weight," they rebounded, gaining several centimeters in height. [Read more about the mountains' "growth spurt"]

A British surgeon recently pleaded guilty to assault charges, after it was discovered that he had burned his initials into patients' livers during transplant surgery, using a surgical tool called an argon beam coagulator. [Read more about the initialed organs]

As the mobile-based game "Pokémon Go" grew in popularity, the number of automobile accidents near in-game hotspots, known as "PokéStops," also increased, according to a study conducted in Indiana. [Read more about the Pokémon peril]

Is so-called "man flu" real? A review in a lighthearted special issue of a medical journal suggests that men may experience worse cold and flu symptoms than women, and may experience a weaker immune response to respiratory viruses. [Read more about "man flu"]

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