Photos: Massive 'Battle Bot' Gears Up for Robot Duel

Megabots, Inc., a Boston-based company, is building a huge, human-operated "battle bot" for an upcoming robot duel. The massive bot, dubbed Mark II or Mk. II, is scheduled to engage in a head-to-head fight with a robot built by Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan. The date and location of the duel has not yet been announced, but Megabots launched a Kickstarter campaign today (Aug. 19) to raise money for upgrades. Check out these photos of Megabots' fighting machine. [Read full story about MegaBots' futuristic "battle bot"]

Stepping up in the world

An illustration of what the Mk. II ("Mark Two") robot could look like after the crowdfunded upgrades. (Credit: MegaBots, Inc.)

Awesome upgrades

Some additions to the robot's interchangeable, arm-mounted weapons system include boxing gloves, a torch and a flamethrower-type device. (Credit: MegaBots, Inc.)

Future reality entertainment

Concept art that imagines a future MegaBots sports league, with a live audience, battling robots, camera-toting drone and more. (Credit: MegaBots, Inc.)

Ready for battle

Carl Bass (far left), CEO of Autodesk, poses with Megabots co-founders (from left to right) Gui Cavalcanti, Matt Oehrlein and Brinkley Warren in front of the Mk. II at Makerfaire 2015 in San Francisco. (Credit: MegaBots, Inc.)

The MegaBot Mk. II

Megabots' Mk. II debuted in May 2015 at Maker Faire San Mateo, where the robot destroyed a junk car with giant paintballs in front of packed audiences. The human-operated bot was one of the event's top attractions. (Credit: S.N. Jacobson)

A growing fan base

MegaBots took the Mk. II down to San Diego to blast t-shirts to fans inside PETCO field. (Credit: Kristen Ambrose)

A big first

The Mk. II became the first functional "Mech" to be exhibited at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, in July 2015. The Mk. II is pictured here in front of a tour group. (Credit: MegaBots, Inc.)

Ready and waiting

MegaBots' Mk. II is pictured here without armor, chained to a trailer for shipping. (Credit: MegaBots, Inc.)

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