LiveScience Gets a New Design

LiveScience illuminates the world through the lens of science. (Image credit: Science photo via Shutterstock)

You might notice we look a little different today. That's because, for the first time in several years, LiveScience has been redesigned. We've cut down on the clutter and improved our navigation so you can better find the stories you love. The design reflects both the serious journalism we do as well as our more playful side. We love science, we have a blast writing about it, and the new look reflects those sentiments and provides easier access to the significantly greater number of articles we now publish. We hope you like it.

The redesign comes at a time of significant growth for us, both in terms of traffic (thanks for reading!) and in terms of staff. We not only bring you more news and features now, but our journalists are digging deeper than ever to get at what you really want to know about trends and major finds in science and technology. Some other recent changes that reflect our constant evolution:

LiveScience has always aimed to be a provocative source for thoughtful, thorough news and analysis, where we illuminate life & technology through the lens of science with an aim of greater understanding. We invite you to continue to engage with us on this journey of discovery.

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