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Plenty of Heat and Thunder For NBA Finals Cities

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Heat can be both an ingredient and a hindrance for thunderstorm development in the atmosphere. For instance, during the summer, warm temperatures lead to rising air and cloud formation provided the moisture is available. Some of these clouds develop further into thunderstorms. So, in this case, heat leads to thunder.

However, when you have too much heat throughout the atmosphere, it actually limits how much the air rises. So, in essence too much heat trumps thunder.

For example, in the summertime over the Plains, you can get a large bubble of high pressure which lasts for a week or more. Underneath this bubble, it'll remain hot and mainly dry because it's too hot throughout the atmospheric column for storms to develop.

Anyway, heading into this all-weather themed NBA finals series, the debate begins as to who will come out on top? King LeBron James and his Miami Heat or Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder.

Game 1 begins Tuesday night in Oklahoma City with Game 2 on Thursday in the same venue. We then move to South Beach for three games beginning on Sunday.

So let's breakdown the weather forecast for the first three games and see how much heat and thunder will occur as these teams clash.

Game 1: Tuesday, June 12, at 9 p.m. ET In Oklahoma City

A stationary frontal boundary draped across the southern Plains will slide south of Oklahoma City during the day Tuesday before lifting back north later at night. It appears that there will be some thunderstorms in the vicinity of the city, but the best chance looks to be after midnight. Any thunderstorms that do develop could be locally enhanced by the rise or fall of the Thunder in the first game.

Temperatures around game time will be in the middle 70s and they'll fall to near 70 by the end of the game.

Advantage Game 1: Oklahoma City Thunder due to the lack of "heat".

Game 2: Thursday, June 14, at 9 p.m. ET In Oklahoma City

A building upper-level ridge of high pressure over the central and eastern part of the country will lead to a rise in temperatures through the end of the week and into the weekend in Oklahoma City. Along with the rise in temperatures comes a drier time frame as all of the organized storm systems will be lifting to the north.

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The heat will be on beginning Thursday and Friday in Oklahoma City with highs rising into the 90s. There is the small threat for a thunderstorm Thursday afternoon and evening, but many areas will stay dry.

Advantage Game 2: Miami Heat due to the small threat for "thunder" and temperatures on the rise.

Game 3: Sunday, June 17, at 8 p.m. ET In Miami

Heading back to South Beach this weekend, typical summertime heat will be the rule of thumb with highs Saturday and Sunday in the lower 90s.

However, along with the heat, there will be ample enough moisture for scattered showers and thunderstorms to fire with the heating of the day. Though with a mainly easterly steering flow, the best chance for thunderstorms in Miami will come during the morning and midday hours, with most of the activity moving inland in the afternoon. Shower chances could return late at night to Miami, but the chance for thunder is low.

Advantage Game 3: Miami Heat due to typical summertime "heat" and most of the "thunder" moving away from Miami toward game time.

According to the laws of weather and the forecast for each city on game day, the Miami Heat should begin this series by taking a 2-1 series lead after Sunday.

What happens after that? Stay tuned to for further updates and forecasts as two powerful weather forces collide in the NBA Finals this year!

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