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Midwest Tornadoes' Path of Destruction


(Image credit: NWS)

Several strong tornadoes touched down in Kentucky on Feb. 29. The Leap Day storms caused extensive damage, as seen in the following photos. So far, five tornados have been confirmed in western Kentucky.


(Image credit: NWS)

Damage along a rural road in western Kentucky.


(Image credit: NWS)

A tornado touched down near downtown Hodgenville at the Citizens Union Bank and moved through a nearby neighborhood. Several sturdy homes were damaged, and cars were damaged as well.


(Image credit: NWS)

The end of winter was a busy one for severe weather. These winter outbreaks show that winter tornadoes are no myth. The main tornado season runs from spring to early summer, but tornadoes can form under a variety of conditions and strike during fall and winter.


(Image credit: NWS)

A hillside in western Kentucky is littered with debris from the storms that struck on Leap Day.


(Image credit: NWS)

The destruction in western Kentucky was widespread, but so far only one injury from the storms has been reportered herd.

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