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Weather Nerds Have Fun With 'Twister' on Twitter

The theatrical release poster for the movie 'Twister.'
The theatrical release poster for the movie 'Twister.' (Image credit: Warner Brothers)

That favorite movie of weather nerds everywhere, "Twister," was on TV last night, and its fans took to Twitter to celebrate — and critique — the film.

While the movie caused many (including this reporter) to develop an interest in weather, it gets a few points wrong. Among the errors pointed out on Twitter were questions of tornado dynamics and terminology, as well as a few historical hiccups:

"#Twister first scene, set 1969. "#twister might be an F5" - Jo's Dad. Fujita Scale introduced in 1971," tweeted @4cast4you.

(The Fujita Scale was developed by meteorologist Ted Fujita as a way to evaluate the severity of tornadoes based on the amount of damage caused.)

Read more Twitter comments on "Twister" at the United States Tornadoes site.

Andrea Thompson
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