On the Hunt: Honeybee Scouts Find Food

Bees Know Their Numbers

A honeybee (Apis mellifera) forages for pollen on a daisy-like flower in a cultivated garden on a winter day in Africa.

Bees Do the Wave to Save Their Lives

(Image credit: Gerald Kastberger.)

Giant honeybees, native to Asia, can be twice the size of Western honeybees. This species performs a shimmering wave to ward off predatory wasps.

Busy as Bees: Reproductive Chaos after Queen's Death

(Image credit: © Nature)

This nest of Asian dwarf red honeybees is built as a single comb from a twig, making it accessible to invading workers from other colonies once the queen dies.

Fly larvae comes out of honeybee

fly honeybee

(Image credit: John Hafernik)

An A. borealis larvae crawls out of a dead honeybee.

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