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Gaming as Spectator Sport
gaming, video games
August 31st, 2014
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World Cup Soccer Ball Is Nice and Stable, Study Finds
Brazuca soccer ball used in Croatia
May 29th, 2014
After controversy over the unstable soccer ball used in the last World Cup, players should find this year's version a breeze. New research suggests that the Adidas Brazuca has a stable flight path.
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Virtual Worlds Can Be As Fulfilling As Real Life (Op-Ed)
gaming, professional gamer, sports
August 15th, 2014
Step aside Olympians – the new sporting pursuit of choice may soon be professional gaming.
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Found! Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle
This photo from NASA's Suomi NPP satellite shows the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth in "Blue Marble" view.
June 12th, 2014
Parts of the Earth's lower mantle are melting, which can only happen due to the presence of lots of water. These oceans' worth of water are sealed into the blue mineral called ringwoodite, scientists have found.
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Pool Chemicals Injure Nearly 5,000 Yearly
An image of a girl and a boy in a pool
May 15th, 2014
In 2012, nearly 5,000 people in the United States visited the emergency department for injuries from pool chemicals, a new report says.
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Peering Inside the World Cup's Brazuca Ball
brazuca, soccer ball, world cup, adidas
June 12th, 2014
The World Cup is the most-watched sporting event on Earth, and this year's Brazuca soccer ball is a marvel of engineering.
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Keeping Your Eyes On The Ball May Be Essential
baseball, sight, tracking, hand-eye coordination
May 14th, 2014
Eye-tracking rig confirms that players must watch the ball to catch it.
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