Daylight Saving Time

Changing our clocks forward an hour each year may seem a simple task, but the effects on your body, not to mention your pets' bodies, can be more complicated. Here's what you need to know about the time change.
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When is Sleepiness Due to Narcolepsy?
Narcoleptic patient sleeping, narcolepsy, sleep study
July 21st, 2014
Narcolepsy is real, and serious — one of many sleep disorders that afflict Americans.
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Is Your Diet Keeping You Up At Night?
A man works late, eating fast food.
May 12th, 2014
People are more likely to eat poorly when they're tired. But not only does your sleep affect your food choices, the reverse is also true — your food choices may affect sleep. Here are tips for eating and sleeping better.
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Eye-Opener: Naps Linked with Higher Risk of Death
A man sleeps on a couch
April 21st, 2014
Middle-aged and older adults who take daytime naps may be at increased risk of dying, a new study from England suggests.
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Full Moon Looms Large Over Your Sleep
A full moon rises in the sky
July 15th, 2014
People may not sleep for quite as long on nights when there is a full moon, a new study suggests.
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How to Use the Gear Fit with Your Galaxy S5
May 9th, 2014
The Samsung Gear Fit is a 2-in-1 smartwatch and fitness tracker, and the company recommends using it with the Galaxy S5. Here's how
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Daylight Saving Time: Why Do We Adjust Clocks in March?
Alarm Clock
March 7th, 2014
On Sunday, most Americans will lose a precious hour of their weekend to daylight saving time. Except for those who live in Arizona and Hawaii, adjusting clocks twice a year is a time-honored ritual, but why do we bother to "fall back" and "spring forward?
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Duh! The 13 Most Obvious Findings of 2013
Musician with a guitar
December 26th, 2013
Not all science findings blow our socks off, even if they have to do with important topics. Here's a list of the research that definitely did not surprise us in 2013.
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Zzzzzzzz: The Mathematics of a Good Night’s Sleep
The structure of sleep changes as the brain develops

June 24th, 2014
Mathematician Janet Best uses mathematical models to learn about slee-wake patterns.
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Many Parents Not Sure Which Items are Safe for Baby's Crib
A newborn baby lies smiling on a white blanket.
May 7th, 2014
Toys and colorful blankets may make a baby's crib look cute, but many parents are not aware that these items can be hazardous in a newborn's bed, a new study suggests.
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Insomniacs' Brains May Be More Plastic
March 4th, 2014
The brains of people with insomnia may have more plasticity than those of people who sleep well, new research suggests.
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