Are you looking for a gift for a special someone who really digs science? Instead of a dozen roses, how about buying a bouquet of plush dinosaurs? In lieu of chocolate, why not purchase "pi plates" decorated with math equations? Whether you're celebrating a birthday, graduation or just looking to spoil your loved ones, Live Science has put together a geeky gift guide for the science-loving people in your life.

Surprise your loved one with a colorful bouquet of creatures from the Mesozoic era. This plush gift includes six dinosaurs in all, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and Apatosaurus. Then, you can get into a lively (but loving) discussion about whether the long-necked sauropods Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus are from the same genus, or whether they are completely different and need a new family tree.

The bouquet can be purchased at ThinkGeek, and costs $50. (Photo credit: ThinkGeek)

Need to buy a gift for a coffee drinker who also loves playing with Legos? Well, you're in luck. The Build On Brick coffee mug combines the practicality of a mug with the playfulness of a Lego set. The mug is compatible with most brands of building blocks, but you'll have to bring your own Legos to the breakfast table (blocks aren’t included).

Hold onto your potatoes! Fans of the 2015 hit film "The Martian" can now get even more action from the Red Planet with the extended edition DVD or Blu-ray. The film, starring Matt Damon as an astronaut left stranded on Mars, was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture. This special two-disc set includes a behind-the-scenes look at the science behind the movie, plus more than 10 minutes of footage not shown in theaters.

Show your geeky partner the depth of your eternal love by naming a star in their honor. The International Star Registry has several gifts for sale, including the $54 "Custom Star Kit," that includes a personalized certificate with the star's name, date and coordinates, as well as a star chart with the named star in red.

Granted, the registry isn't recognized by the International Astronomical Union, the scientific organization that officially names stars, but it's still romantic to go stargazing with your sweetheart and find the pinpoint of light that shares their name.

(Photo credit: nienora |

Does your loved one make your heart skip a beat? We hope not — that means you could be experiencing premature ventricular contractions! They're no big deal, but the Mayo Clinic recommends that people seek treatment if it happens frequently, as it could be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Either way, this beautiful heartbeat scarf will be a sure sign of your affection, and a great way to brighten your partner's wardrobe.

The silk scarf is for sale on Etsy for $65. (Photo credit: Michele Banks)

The amazing tardigrade can survive in the vacuum of space, and it can also decorate a necklace or keychain that your geek will treasure. Pull back the tardigrade's plates to see its internal anatomy, including its digestive, nervous and reproductive systems. Notice its muscles, and be sure to share with anyone who will listen that the tardigrade has been found all over the planet, from ocean trenches to the tips of mountains.

The tardigrade is on sale at Etsy for $24.75. (Photo credit: C. Taylor)

The Higgs boson is thought to give all other particles mass, and this elusive particle also inspired artists to design a mesmerizing watch. You can 's second hand spin around, representing the Higgs decaying into other bosons, according to the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

The watch is for sale for $42.95. (Photo credit:

Music just sounds better when it's flowing from the face of your favorite "Star Wars" character. And the force is strong with these wireless Bluetooth speakers, which will sync with most mobile devices — including smartphones and tablets — from 30 feet (9 meters) away. Those who have turned to the dark side might like the Darth Vader version of this musical gift, while loyal Rebels will likely prefer the Chewbacca speakers.

Every cocktail chemist knows that the key to a great drink is using the right amount of every ingredient. But unless you have a lot of practice, the perfect pour is hard to master. Luckily, perfectionists and tech geeks now have another option for getting their drinks just right: the Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending system. To use this super dorky drink tool, you simply put your glass on a smart scale that connects to an app on your mobile device. The app tells you exactly how much of every ingredient to pour in real time. Of course, if you're looking for a gift for a non-drinker, there's also the Perfect Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking system. Bon appetite!

Let paleo-beasts sweeten your favorite geek's day with this dinosaur-patterned rolling pin. The laser-printer-engraved rolling pin can be used on dough, clay and even noodles, according to RainbowRollingPins. But if used on pies or cookies, feel free to review the scientific names of the dinosaurs on your delicacies, including a Tyrannosaur, sauropod, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a Velociraptor.

The rolling pin sells on Etsy for $29.99. (Image credit: RainbowRollingPins)

Discuss the enigma of the brain as you sip hot tea (or something stronger) while using these brain specimen coasters. The set of 10 shows different slices of the brain. On a slightly less romantic note, it's also a great conversation starter for what to do with your brain once you die — check out the NIH Neurobank to learn more about your options.

The coasters can be purchased at ThinkGeek, and cost $19.99. (Photo credit: ThinkGeek)

Once you have your dinosaur-patterned pies, what better way to serve them than on "i eight sum pi" plates? These microwave- and dishwasher-safe plates come printed with a fun equation that has a secret meaning.

A set of two plates at UncommonGoods costs $35.  (Image credit: UncommonGoods)


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