Get these science books at a discount with a last-minute back-to-school deal

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If you’re heading back to school, or have already done so, you’ll know that for all of the tech in the world, there’s still something to be said for a good book.

Amazon, which was built on selling such books, definitely understands that – and it’s selling a series of science study guides for anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biology, at a discount to help get you back into the studying frame of mind for the coming school year.

Anatomy & Physiology Made Easy - was $19.99, now $14.89 at Amazon

Anatomy & Physiology Made Easy - was $19.99, now $14.89 at Amazon

This study guide is available at a 26% discount, and features over three hundred custom illustrations.

Biology Made Easy - was $19.99, now $14.99 at Amazon

Biology Made Easy - was $19.99, now $14.99 at Amazon

Learn all about Molecular and Cellular Biology, and save $5 doing so with this excellent study guide.

Chemistry Made Easy - was $19.99, now $16.02 at Amazon

Chemistry Made Easy - was $19.99, now $16.02 at Amazon

It’s not a big discount, but this excellent Chemistry study guide is an ideal companion to the others on offer here.

All three of the books, as the names would suggest, are from the same series from Nurse Edu and focus on removing “confusing brick-like books from your life”, making content more easily digestible with a focus on exam subjects and more modern language than you’ll find in older textbooks.

Each is useful to a variety of learners, too, with high school, college, medical students and fitness professionals among those that could benefit from the study guides.

Starting with Anatomy & Physiology Made Easy, this paperback edition features over 300 custom illustrations to help visualize complex concepts, as well as simplified explanations.

Biology Made Easy features a staggering forty chapters, and covers evolution, the Calvin Cycle, Thermodynamics in Living Things and plenty more.

The Chemistry Made Easy book, while not discounted as heavily as its siblings, is an ideal companion to both. It contains sections based around everything from the basics of the Periodic Table and Ionic Bonding to alcohols, hydrocarbons, and enzymology.

User reviews for all three books are positive, too, with each of the study guides having an Amazon ‘star rating’ between four and five out of five. Many reviewers noted that each is able to keep the reader’s interest more than other books that feel too difficult to parse, and some state that the series is ideal for more visual learners.

If you'd rather check out some popular science books instead of study guides, you can also check our guides to the best science books and best physics books. You can also scope out our back to school deals hub for more great offers on student essentials like laptops, tablets, software and more.

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