Renpho smart scale review

Budget friendly and high performing, the Renpho smart scale makes it easy to track body composition metrics.

Renpho smart scale being tested by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph
(Image: © Maddy Bidulph)

Live Science Verdict

The Renpho smart scale is a budget-friendly and highly accurate appliance that makes tracking your body composition easy.


  • +

    Accurate readings

  • +

    Excellent supporting app

  • +

    Baby and pet weighing mode

  • +

    Lightweight to move


  • -

    Glass is fairly fragile and smears easily

  • -

    May need to recalibrate if moved or turned upside down

  • -

    Slippery when wet

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The Renpho smart scale is one of the best devices for measuring body fat that we’ve tested. Despite its low price, it offers real bang for its buck with its smart design, accurate readings and excellent companion app that gives useful insight into the stats. 

Renpho: Essential info

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Size: 11.8 inches x 11.8 inches 

Max users: Unlimited 

Max weight: 180kg/397lbs

Supported apps: Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit and 100+ health and fitness apps

Power source: USB rechargeable with built-in lithium battery 

Features: 13 body composition stats, baby and pet mode 

It syncs with all the main health apps too, including Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fi, Samsung Health and MyFitnessPal, so it’s easy to see all your data in one place.

The scale is well made, durable and make it super easy to take your health and fitness journey into your own hands. Read on for our full and in-depth review of the Renpho smart scale, from how easy it was to set up and use to design, accuracy and performance. For more products, check out our guide to the best smart scales.

Renpho smart scale review: How it works

If you’ve never owned a smart scale, here’s how they work: when you stand barefoot on the scales, a small electrical charge is safely sent up into the body. By measuring the resistance it faces, the scale can then map your body composition. 

You can view your data on the brand’s accompanying app, with statistics including weight, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, protein levels and fat-free body weight.

You can’t feel the electrical charge and it’s safe for most people, unless you have a pacemaker, medical implant or are pregnant. If any of these apply to you, speak to your doctor first before using one. Smart scales vary in accuracy but they are still a useful way to track changes in body composition, as well as support a weight loss or fitness journey.

Renpho smart scale being tested by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph

(Image credit: Maddy Bidulph)

Renpho smart scale review: Design and features

The Renpho smart scales are well designed, minimalistic and easy to set up and use. The black model we tested comes with a lithium battery and USB charger, and you can change the weight metric between kilograms or pounds by pressing a small button on the back.

The scale is made from tempered glass, which looks smart but smears easily. It’s also slippery when wet so extra caution is needed if you’re using it straight after a bath or shower. The appliance has four metal circles embedded into the platform. These contain the electrodes used to gather your body composition data.

Renpho smart scale being tested by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph

(Image credit: Maddy Bidulph)

Download the free supporting Renpho App (available on iOS and Android) to connect the device via Bluetooth and take a deeper dive into your body composition stats. Once you’ve stepped on the scales for a reading, you can then look at the app to see your weight, BMI, body fat, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate and metabolic age. 

Simply click on any of the metrics to see whether your reading is in the healthy or unhealthy range. You can also look at the Trends tool, which gives a chart for your weight for the week, month or year. You can manually input circumference measurements for a more detailed overview of your health stats.

There are unlimited users on the Renpho smart body fat scales and it has a baby mode and an option to “add friends”. The FAQ section on the app provides some useful background about how the scales work, how to get the most out of the app and other troubleshooting tips.

Our only complaint is you might need to recalibrate the scale if you move it or turn it upside down, but this is easily done by standing on the scales with one foot.

Renpho smart scale being tested by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph

(Image credit: Maddy Bidulph)

Renpho smart scale review: Accuracy and performance

The Renpho smart scale is easy to use and gives instant readings. The red numbers are easy to read against the black display. We were reviewing the black model, but have heard the white scales are harder to read. In terms of accuracy, the scales put our tester at 2 pounds heavier than the professional scales at their local gym, which is not a huge difference.

We liked how the app was easy to use, giving useful intel on data gathered, including whether you fall into a healthy or unhealthy category for any of your 13 body composition readings.

The Renpho reading put our tester at 29.8% body fat (compared with a lower gym reading of 20.8%) and the body water reading was not too far off either; 48.1% on the Renpho compared with 53.2% on the gym scales.

Renpho smart scale being tested by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph

(Image credit: Maddy Bidulph)

Renpho smart scale review: Verdict

There is very little to fault about the Renpho smart scale. It’s well made, affordable and offers accurate readings alongside some really useful insight into body composition.

Set up is fast and seamless and the excellent Renpho app makes tracking your health and fitness metrics a breeze.

Our only real complaints are that the glass smears easily on the black model, and if you move it, it might need recalibrating. Otherwise, there is very little not to like about this smart and budget-friendly gadget.

If this product isn't for you

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If you’re looking for something in a similar price bracket, the Withings Body smart scale is an intuitive and effective appliance that sends basic information via WiFi. It has an excellent app and a larger platform, making it a good choice for people with bigger feet or who struggle with balance.

Withings Body smart scale being used by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph

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Wyze Scale X

The Wyze Scale X is another budget-friendly option, which provides a detailed overview of all the vital health and fitness data. It also gives a weight trends chart so you can keep on track with any body goals. Considering its low price, it’s a great investment with lots of useful features including a heart rate monitor. 

Wyze Scale X smart scale being tested by Live Science contributor Maddy Bidulph

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