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Best microscopes

Microscopes are a great way to show off science to kids or get a better look at tiny specimens. These are our picks for the best.

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Microscopes offer up the ability to look at tiny specimens and see how they work. Unlike years past, when all microscopes were big and clunky, they're much easier to use now. Whether you want one for your science experiments or have a little budding scientist on your hands, there are great options to choose from. 

Best compound microscope

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OMAX lab LED compound microscope

Award winning

If you're looking for a great microscope, but you aren't familiar with all the bells and whistles out there, the Omax LED compound microscope is a great option. It supports magnification from 40X-200X and has easy to turn knobs for both coarse and fine focusing. It also features LED lighting which can be adjusted, and a rotating stage so that you can quickly get the best look at any specimen.

Great for kids

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Emarth kids beginner microscope

Sturdy and easy to use

Everyone has to start their science journey somewhere. The Emarth kids beginner microscope is built to be easy for children, or adults who are unfamiliar with microscopes. This makes it an excellent option as a first microscope. It features 40X-1000X magnification, dual-LED illumination, six different color filters, and easy to use knobs.

Best microscope kit

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AmScope kids microscope kit

Keep it all together with a carrying case

Microscopes kits have a lot of small, easy to lose pieces. That's only compounded when you're dealing with a microscope for kids. The AmScope kids microscope kit delivers everything your budding scientist needs to get started with microscopes, along with a carrying kit to ensure nothing gets lost. This kit includes a sturdy microscope with magnification options of 120X-1200X, a microscope with built-in color filters, and a 52-piece accessory set. This is the kit to consider if you want to make one purchase and have everything you need. 

Great value

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AmScope cordless LED microscope

No cord no problem

Not all microscopes are affordable for folks on a budget. The AmScope cordless LED microscope is not only budget-friendly but also easy to use no matter where you happen to be. It's a cordless LED model and is an excellent option for classrooms and students. This model features 40X-1000X magnification, a 360-degree monocular head, and a sturdy all-metal frame. When you're in the classroom, it can be plugged in using an AC adapter, or you can go cordless and use three AA batteries to power it up.

Best digital microscope

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Skybasic digital microscope

Easy viewing for folks with glasses

For anyone who wears glasses looking down into a microscope can be a pain. A digital microscope helps to ease some of that, and is far more accessible for those with impaired eyesight or certain mobility issues. The Skybasic digital microscope offers up a 4 inch LCD screen to view specimens on, has 50X-1000X magnification zoom options, and is easy to adjust. It also includes an HD camera for taking stills or video, and can even hook up to your PC. 

Take a better look

Microscopes allow us to see things that are invisible to the naked eye. Whether that means a specimen that helps teach kids about cells or using a microscope for your own specific projects, having the right one is crucial to success. If we could only suggest one option, it would be the OMAX lab LED compound microscope. It's an excellent compound microscope that offers fine and coarse focusing, great magnification rates, and is easy to use for both beginners and those well acquainted with microscopes.

 If you prefer something a bit more modern and accessible to everyone, check out the Skybasic digital microscope. Instead of small lenses, you'll view magnified specimens on a 4-inch LCD screen. This option can also record video, is easy to use, and can even hook up to your PC if needed.