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Physics for babies: This ultra-cool board book set is 47% off for Prime Day

Baby University Physics Board Book Set
(Image credit: Baby University)

Looking for the perfect baby gift for the smarty-pants in your life? Or you want to kickstart your little one’s fascination with all things astrophysics? This Baby University Physics Board Book Set (opens in new tab) could be just what you’re looking for. 

We know that Live Science readers love physics, so we wanted to make sure you caught this fun Prime Day deal on a board book set for 47% off for just a few more hours. 

Mathematician and father Chris Ferrie has written these four beautiful and geeky Baby University Physics books for the toddlers and babies in your life. “Chris believes it is never too early to introduce children to the wild and wonderful world of science,” according to Amazon. The set features colorful, simple introductions to scientific concepts (yes, dark matter is included!) and principles.

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Baby University Physics Board Book Set | $39.96 $21.00 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This fun book set includes the following:

—Astrophysics for Babies
—Statistical Physics for Babies
—Nuclear Physics for Babies
—Optical Physics for Babies

Grab the fun set for 47% off (opens in new tab) for Prime Day. Don't wait, as the sale will end in a few hours.

Jeanna Bryner
Live Science Editor-in-Chief

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