Witness the Beauty of Science: SciArt Tweet Storm Kicks Off
This science illustration shows the plasma surface and toroidal, or doughnut-shaped, magnetic field coils of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).
Credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory/U.S. Dept. of Energy

Get ready, a storm is brewing. And it isn't the kind that will require a raincoat, just an internet connection and a dab of curiosity. The SciArt Tweet Storm just kicked off today (March 1), where anyone can post their favorite imagery showing the beauty (or oddities) of science.

From dinosaur reconstuctions and zoomed-in images of protozoa to mathematical sketches and artistic views of things growing in Petri dishes, the Tweet Storm "is a way to smash through the grimy windows of Twitter, and share art and imagery about science," say its creators, the Symbiarctic Team, on their blog.

In its third year, the SciArt Tweet Storm could get wild; more than 29,000 tweets hit Twitter in 2015, and the 2016 event saw 22,000 posts.

To participate, just post your favorite science imagery on Twitter with the hashtag #SciArt, or you can just sit back and enjoy a visual ride through science. As the Symbiarctic Team puts it: "You can take a break from the very important hate-reading on politics, and dip into the #sciart hashtag and discover something wonderful. It's guilt-free, like binge-watching David Attenborough documentaries."

The "storm" will rage until March 7. The Symbiarctic Team includes Kalliopi Monoyios, Glendon Mellow and Katie McKissick.

Here's what SciArt fans have already posted today:

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