Photos: Author Ray Bradbury's Collection of Comic Books & Sci-Fi Art

Man on Fire

Cover art from Fahrenheit 451.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

This drawing, by artist Joseph Mugnaini, became the cover of the 1953 Ballantine hardcover edition of Ray Bradbury's classic sci-fi novel, "Fahrenheit 451." The dystopian novel tells of a future in which books are outlawed and, if found by authorities, burned. The illustration is one of many being sold in an online auction hosted by Nate D. Sanders auction house in Los Angeles. [Read full story]

Views of the Moon

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

Bradbury collaborated with Mugnaini on the cover and interior art for many of his novels and collections of short stories. In 1981, the two also collaborated on a project they called "Ten Views of the Moon," a collection of drawings depicting space and fantasy-inspired scenes. The set of 10 lithographs is up for auction, with the opening bid set at $1,000.

Sea Monster Storytelling

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

Bradbury also worked with other illustrators, including James Bingham, who created this image of a sea monster demolishing a lighthouse, for the author's short story, "The Fog Horn," written around 1951.

Macabre Memorabilia

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

This image by cartoonist Charles Addams, creator of "The Addams Family," was used by Bradbury as the cover of his 2001 novel, From the Dust Returned.

Sci-Fi Warfare

An image from War of the World, by H.G. Wells.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

This oil painting by artist Raymond Bayless depicts a scene from H.G. Wells' novel, "War of the Worlds." The Martian "tripod" weapon pictured is taking on the fictional British warship the HMS Thunder Child.

Fan of the Funnies

A Li'l Abner comic strip.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

Bradbury started reading comics at a young age, and collected them throughout his life. This comic strip from the series "Li'l Abner" is dated Sept. 4, 1955, and features a signed note from the comic's creator, Al Capp.

Comic Book Hero

Two pages from Prince Valiant comic book.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

Also up for sale are several "Prince Valiant" comic books from the 1930s. The three comics in this series are expected to fetch at least $300 at auction.

Vintage Comics

Vintage comics.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

"Popeye," "Tarzan," "Mickey Mouse" and "Buster Brown" are just some of the vintage comics for sale in the Bradbury auction.

The Poison Apple

Animation cel from Snow White.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

Bradbury was also an avid collector of animation cels — the transparent, cellulose sheets on which animations were traditionally drawn. This cel, from the 1937 Disney animated film "Snow White," depicts the film's climactic meeting of good and evil. Bidding for this item starts at $21,000.

That's All Folks

Bugs Bunny animation cel.

(Image credit: Nate D. Sanders auction)

This animation cel of Warner Brother's character Bugs Bunny is on sale for $1,250.

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