Photo Gallery: Snow Paralyzes the South

Clearing the way

winter storm

(Image credit: Lindsay Thurmond)

A snow plow clear roads in Georgia on Tuesday.

Long way home

Alabama bike

(Image credit: Clinton Colmenares)

People in Birmingham, Ala., made it home any way they could after a winter storm paralyzed the city on Tuesday.

Empty roads

Atlanta highways

(Image credit: Hope Vaziri)

Highway 400 in Atlanta, Ga., is empty Wednesday morning after businesses and schools closed on Tuesday (Jan. 28) because of a winter storm.


Atlanta gridlock

(Image credit: Katherine Harrison)

Snow fell during rush hour in Atlanta, snarling traffic and trapping motorists for hours.

Stuck in snow and ice

Gridlock in Birmingham

(Image credit: Clinton Colmenares)

Gridlock in Birmingham, Ala. on Tuesday afternoon.

Make way

Fire truck wrong way

(Image credit: Katherine Harrison)

A fire truck drives the wrong way up an Atlanta street because of gridlock.

Polar bear plunge

Snowy pool

(Image credit: Clinton Colmenares)

Snow surrounds a pool in Birmingham, Ala.

Big snow

Snow depth

(Image credit: NOAA)

The snow depth measured by NOAA satellites after the winter storm struck Jan. 28.

Record warmth

record highs Alaska

(Image credit: National Weather Service - Alaska)

While the South froze, Alaska hit record high temperatures this week.

Storm from space

Storm from space

(Image credit: NOAA)

The winter storm as seen from space by NOAA's weather satellite.

Southern discomfort

winter storm

(Image credit: CJ Lake)

Before the snow moved in, cold temperatures turned a water feature into an ice sculpture on the campus of the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

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