Death Valley Heat to Approach All-Time World Record

Death Valley tied its own June all-time record high of 128 degrees
Death Valley tied its own June all-time record high of 128 degrees from June 29, 1994, on both Saturday and Sunday. (Image credit:

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The heat across the West is so intense that Death Valley will approach the world's hottest temperature record. Close to 100 years after setting the world's all-time record high, temperatures in Death Valley are expected to dangerously soar to 130 degrees Monday.

The record is currently 134 degrees from July 10, 1913, and was given back to Death Valley in September 2012 after a World Meteorological Organization panel determined that the temperature of 136 degrees registered at El Azizia, Libya, on September 13, 1922, was invalid. [Could You Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk in Death Valley?]

@DeathValleyNPS Thanks for passing a photo of the 128 degrees on June 29th onto us! (Image credit: NWS Las Vegas Twitter)

Even though the world's all-time record high should remain untouched, Death Valley's record temperature for the first day of July could fall victim to these scorching temperatures. The current record stands at 125 degrees, set back in 1990.

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