Andrea Shatters Records: Raleigh to NYC to Boston

Tropical Storm Andrea satellite image
Tropical Storm Andrea was spotted by the Suomi NPP satellite as it passed overhead during the night from June 6-7, 2013, as the storm moved towards landfall on the Florida peninsula. (Image credit: NASA/NOAA)

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Numerous rainfall records were shattered, with flooding being triggered in the process, as Andrea moved up the East Coast on Friday.

Raleigh, New York City, Philadelphia and Boston are among the many communities (a full list is given below) that experienced their rainiest June 7 in recorded history on Friday.

Friday's records fell as Andrea unleashed between 3 and slightly more than 6 inches of rain from central North Carolina to Massachusetts.

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Sitting at the top of Andrea's rainfall totals are Ledyard Center and Madison, Conn., with 6.30 inches and 6.20 inches, respectively. Old Bethpage, on Long Island, recorded 6.13 inches.

A total of 4.16 inches inundated New York City's Central Park on Friday, shattering the day's previous rainfall record of 1.95 inches from 1918. The city typically receives 4.41 inches of rain during the entire month of June.

Other Daily Rainfall Records Set on Friday

Due to the resultant flooding in New York City, officials were forced to suspend the Number 3 train between 96th and 148th street in the Morningside Heights area Friday evening.

The most numerous reports of flooding across New York on Friday came from Long Island. Flood waters led to the closure of three westbound lanes of the Long Island Expressway near Melville, while between 20 to 30 cars in a parking lot were submerged up to their hoods in Wyandanch.

Flooded roads and water rescues were also the theme for Friday in Boston, Mass., Providence, R.I., Dover, Del., West Point, Va., and around the Raleigh-Durham, N.C., area.

Rivers and streams quickly became swollen with many overflowing their banks from South Carolina to southern New England. By Saturday morning, the majority have or were in the process of cresting.

Flooding and shattered rain records were not only confined to places from North Carolina northward on Friday. Tropical moisture feeding into Andrea also triggered numerous drenching thunderstorms across South Florida.

A total of 8.15 inches swamped Fort Lauderdale, shattering Friday's daily rainfall record of 1.88 inches from 1960. Naples set a similar record when 1.48 inches fell; the previous record was 1.20 inches from 1991.

Nearly 14 inches inundated North Miami Beach, leading to serious flooding and the relocation of 24 families. Hundreds of people became stranded in their vehicles by flood waters in nearby Golden Beach. All rights reserved. More from