Baby Panda Pics: See a Cub Growing Up

Grin and bear 'em

(Image credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo)

During his 16th checkup the roly poly panda cub was crawling better.Zoo officials felt more teeth just under the gums.

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Play ball

giant panda cub, cute baby animals

(Image credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo)

Now 20 weeks old, the panda weighed in at 14.5 pounds during his exam on Dec. 18. The keepers have figured out that to accomplish the necessary checkups, they must supply a toy to keep the fidgety cub busy. Currently his favorite toy is a plastic ball.

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Tools of distraction

(Image credit: San Diego Zoo)

At nearly 5-months old, Xiao Liwu is walking with much more confidence. Keepers are watching his climbing skills develop. The cuddly cub got some new toys to keep him busy during his most recent check-up.

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Ringing in the New Year

(Image credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo)

On New Year's morning Xiao Liwu was active, strong and adventurous during his exam. The darling cub weighs about 16 pounds and about two and a half feet long.

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