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Rafael Clears Bermuda, Expected to Weaken

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After soaking Bermuda on Tuesday, Rafael is headed off into the Atlantic.

The ninth hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic Season will continue its trek off to the north and east today, steering it away from any major land masses.

Eventually, Rafael is expected to weaken and join forces with an approaching cold front, effectively ending its reign as a tropical system.

As the center of Hurricane Rafael passed well to the east of Bermuda, bands of heavy rain and strong winds buffeted the island for about 15 hours.

Wind gusts close to 50 mph were measured at the island's naval air station during the late evening hours.

This was a far cry from 85-mph sustained winds estimated near the center of Rafael as it passed by more than 100 miles to the east of Bermuda.

While ruining what would have been an otherwise nice day weather-wise for vacationers, Rafael had very little impact on the island.

The same can be expected in Atlantic Canada, where a departing cold front will force Rafael out to sea, keeping Nova Scotia and Newfoundland high and dry.

Later this week, the Azores, a popular target for storms this season, could be dealing with the remnants of Rafael by early next week as the system could loop back to the south.

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