First Video Captured by Google Glasses Hits the Web

Project Glass Photos
(Image credit: Google | Project Glass)

Google has publicly unveiled new photos and the first video from the real view of their augmented reality glasses prototype. The images show what the wearer sees while reading a newspaper, catching a football in the backyard and helping a smiling child play on the jungle gym.

Such views don't necessarily represent anything people haven't seen before with head-mounted portable cameras. But they do hint at how Google Glasses could enable many people beyond geeky life-casters to capture a diverse array of moments in their lives — the video shows the bouncy viewpoint of the Google Glasses wearer doing flips on a trampoline.

Google tech lead Max Braun showed off the photos and video at the Google + Photographer's Conference on May 23.

A view of a Google Glasses wearer about to catch a football. (Image credit: Google Project Glass)

The Internet search giant has yet to show off real images or photos of how the glasses could seamlessly integrate virtual information with what a person sees in the real world. Its earlier unveiling of "Project Glass" included a concept video that imagined a wearer getting social calendar reminders and map directions in his field of view.

Still, many members of the public still seem enthusiastic about just having a pair of glasses with a small camera attached. One of the top comments on the YouTube video of the trampoline jumping simply stated "Shut up and take my money!"

The most popular comment of all had a perhaps tongue-in-cheek suggestion for using the Google Glasses — "Good for POV [point-of-view] porn."

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