Strange Beauty: Photos Reveal Tufa Towers of Mono Lake

Serene Scene

tufa towers in mono Lake

(Image credit: N Mrtgh | shutterstock)

This photo of the towers was taken during wintertime. The more recent calcareous, or calcium carbonate, deposits that make up the tufa formations are closer to the bottom and lighter in color.

Sunset on the Towers

tufa towers in mono Lake

(Image credit: kavram | shutterstock)

A sunset casts a warm glow over the tufa formations as seagulls forage for dinner.

Alabaster and Azure

tufa towers in mono Lake

(Image credit: Dean Pennala | shutterstock)

The tufa towers are seen in this reflection in Mono Lake's calm waters. However, the water's serene surface is sometimes disturbed by circular wave patterns that are caused by bubbles from freshwater springs rising to the top.

A Soft Sunset

tufa towers in mono Lake

(Image credit: Rick Whitacre | shutterstock)

This stunning shot shows the towers' reflections against the salmon pink sky, with the periwinkle haze of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background.

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