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How Extinct Undersea Volcanoes Trigger Rare 'Tsunami Earthquakes'
Tsunamis, like the one that stuck Aceh, Indonesia, cause serious flooding and submerge entire villages.
June 30th, 2014
Extinct volcanoes on the ocean floor get squashed by tectonic plates and create tsunami earthquakes.
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Small Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma City
June 18th, 2014
An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 4.1 struck today (June 18) near Oklahoma City, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
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Deadly Earthquake Strikes Southwestern China
August 4th, 2014
A devastating magnitude-6.1 earthquake struck southwestern China's Yunnan province yesterday (Aug. 3), killing hundreds of people, according to news reports.
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Enormous Tornado-Blocking Walls: Could Wild Idea Really Work?
Rubble in Moore, Oklahoma, where a tornado struck in May 2013.
June 30th, 2014
Never mind the huge cost, ecological consequences and engineering difficulties involved in a newly proposed scheme to make tornado-blocking walls, weather experts say the idea is too crazy to work.
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Wild Hurricane Facts You Need To Know
hurricanes, East coast winds, storms
June 13th, 2014
How much do you know about hurricanes and hurricane season?
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Amanda: First Hurricane of 2014 Seen from Space (Photo)
Hurricane Amanda in Eastern Pacific
May 28th, 2014
Hurricane Amanda (now downgraded to a tropical storm) is seen at is strongest in the Eastern Pacific. The storm is the first of the Eastern Pacific 2014 hurricane season, which began on May 15.
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Strong Earthquake Rattles Southern Mexico
The earthquake's location is marked on a map.
July 7th, 2014
An earthquake of preliminary magnitude 7.1 struck today along the Pacific coast of southern Mexico's state of Chiapas, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
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Hurricane Survival Guide: What You Need to Know
Hurricane Isabel
June 27th, 2014
Do you know what to do if a storm hits this hurricane season?
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Human Behavior, Not Hurricane Names, Dictates Danger (Op-Ed)
Hurricane Amanda in Eastern Pacific
June 6th, 2014
Is a hurricane's name really the best way to predict its danger?
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