Experiments for Kids

Kids are born scientists, curious about the world around them and how it all fits together. And science experiments are great ways for children to explore the world, learn about the scientific method and just have fun. From Dr. Seuss' recipe for oobleck and a coat-hanger radio to summer concoctions to learn about buoyancy, science experiment ideas are boundless. With news, features and reference pages, we will provide tips for how to conduct science experiments with kids, definitions of the scientific method and other required lingo, wacky experiments for you to try at home and ways to explain science to kids.
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Latest Articles

Wine + Penny = Problem Solved! Chemistry Hack Saves Old Wine
A woman stares at a glass of wine.
December 10th, 2015
Good news, wine lovers: You can revive a stale bottle of your favorite vintage with a simple chemistry experiment.
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No Yolk! Scientists Unboil an Egg Without Defying Physics
scientists holding egg
January 28th, 2015
Scientists have figured out a way to do something that seems impossible: unboil an egg. But strange as it may sound, the feat doesn't defy basic laws of science.
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Frozen Fun: Try These Cold-Weather Science Experiments
Maple syrup poured onto snow
January 7th, 2014
Stuck indoors while the Polar Vortex sends temperatures plummeting? Try these science experiments that are perfect for the frigid weather.
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