• Facts About Skunks

    Facts About Skunks

    June 22, 2016 | Reference

    A skunk's black-and-white fur serves as a warning to stay away or face getting sprayed with a sticky, foul-smelling secretion from their anal scent glands.
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  • Facts About Otters

    Facts About Otters

    June 17, 2016 | Reference

    Otters are streamlined, thick-furred swimmers found all over the world.
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  • What Is Artificial Intelligence?

    What Is Artificial Intelligence?

    June 17, 2016 | Reference

    Movies offer several examples of computers with human-like qualities, but the definition of artificial intelligence is complicated.
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  • Facts About Orangutans

    Facts About Orangutans

    June 16, 2016 | Reference

    Orangutans are the only great apes found in Asia. They spend most of their time in trees, lounging or swinging from branch to branch with their long arms. They are also threatened with extinction.
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  • Facts About Ocelots

    Facts About Ocelots

    June 15, 2016 | Reference

    Ocelots are small, wild cats about twice the size of housecats. Ocelots are the second largest spotted cats in South America, after jaguars.
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  • Facts About Hyenas

    Facts About Hyenas

    June 09, 2016 | Reference

    Hyenas don't laugh, and they are not related to dogs. They are a diverse group of mammals mainly found in Africa.
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  • Kidneys: Facts, Function & Diseases

    Kidneys: Facts, Function & Diseases

    June 08, 2016 | Reference

    Kidneys are bean-shaped organs located on both sides of the spine, behind the stomach. Their main purpose is to keep the composition of blood in the body balanced to maintain good health.
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  • Cenozoic Era: Facts About Climate, Animals & Plants

    Cenozoic Era: Facts About Climate, Animals & Plants

    June 08, 2016 | Reference

    The Cenozoic Era began about 65 million years ago and continues into the present.
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  • What Are Lichens?

    What Are Lichens?

    June 08, 2016 | Reference

    A lichen is a composite organism consisting of a fungus and an alga functioning in a symbiotic relationship.
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  • What Are Algae?

    What Are Algae?

    June 04, 2016 | Reference

    Algae are a diverse group of aquatic organisms that have the ability to conduct photosynthesis. There exists a vast and varied world of algae that are not only helpful to us, but are critical to our existence.
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