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Robot Trashcan Catches Your Trash
A robot trashcan scurries on its wheels to catch any falling trash.
Credit: Japanvideoslist (YouTube)

Have a tough time tossing trash accurately into the waste bin? You may want to get your hands on this trash-catching robot made by a Japanese inventor.

The robot is an ordinary trashcan infused with video game technology such as Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect. That combined with some homemade software to allow the smart trashcan to scurry around on wheels and catch pieces of trash wherever they happen to fall.

Even if this is somehow a clever hoax, the idea seems like a no-brainer as far as personal robots go. Tomorrow's world of robots won't just represent new gadgets for humans to buy — ordinary household items will have transformed into robots by virtue of becoming smart devices.

Source:  DVICE

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