Save $150 on the MacBook Air M2, our top pick for students

Apple MacBook Air M2
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If you're looking for to save money on a student laptop this holiday season, either for yourself or your kids, then this MacBook deal from Best Buy is perfect for you.

Right now, you can get the MacBook Air M2 for just $1049, down from the usual price of $1199. That' a tasty $150 off, which is especially impressive considering that the M2 model only came out this year.

We rated the Air M2 top of our list of the best laptops for students (which also makes it the best MacBook for students) thanks to its excellent performance, great battery life, and stylish design. Check out our full MacBook Air M2 review to see our full thoughts.

MacBook Air M2 - was $1199 now $1049 at Best Buy

MacBook Air M2 - was $1199, now $1049 at Best Buy

The best MacBook for students is available with $150 off, and it’s a portable powerhouse that offers excellent battery life and a new design.

If you’ve used an Intel-based MacBook in the last few years, the Apple Silicon transition may just blow your socks off. That’s thanks to three key aspects – power, efficiency, and compatibility, and this $150 off deal makes it easier to take advantage of all three.

The M2 chip is more powerful than the M1 from the last MacBook Air model, but it’s also capable of sipping battery throughout the day to offer all-day battery life. It can even run some iPhone and iPad apps, which is more useful than you’d think.

Aside from what’s inside, it’s all change on the outside, too. The MacBook Air M2 does away with the tapered design of prior models, but remains portable thanks to a weight of just 2.7 pounds.

There’s also a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display that offers a resolution of 2560x1664, making it ideal for creative work or catching up on the latest TV shows.

It’s worth noting it doesn't have the same number of ports as the HDMI-toting MacBook Pro, but it does have a MagSafe port for charging that prevents your laptop flying off the worktop if someone snags the cable. 

In our review of the MacBook Air M2, we said that the machine “offers the perfect blend of power and portability for students, but it comes with a higher price tag too”, but at least this deal goes some way to mitigating that cost.

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