Best ultrasonic jewelry cleaners

Jewelry in a dish
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Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean more than just jewelry. They are helpful for cleaning your reading glasses, your watch, and even small objects such as figurines. The lack of harsh chemicals makes an ultrasonic cleaner perfect to keep your metal and glassware safe from damage.

Ultrasonic cleaners are also extremely helpful for cleaning resin-made 3D prints before curing, though extra precautions need to be taken when using different liquids inside them.

We have blasted our jewelry with as many different ultrasonic waves as possible to give you the best cleaners you can buy.

Best overall

Magnasonic cleaner

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Magnasonic professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Great for everyday use

The Magnasonic is the perfect balance between cost and usability. The 600-milliliter cleaning area is big enough for most applications at a small scale—cleaning a few rings and a watch for example—but may feel a little small if you have a lot of things to clean.

With a few easy-to-use presets, the Magnasonic can be used by practically anybody, of any age, and is worth having in your house for the occasion where you might need it. It can even clean your dentures!

Best metal


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VEVOR ultrasonic cleaner

Small but professional

At just 1.3 liters, the VEVOR ultrasonic cleaner is pretty roomy. It is metal all the way through, so it can withstand chemicals other than water. Not that you should use other chemicals, but with 3D printing, you may want to.

This ultrasonic cleaner has plenty of different settings, too—you can adjust the heat and time—so you can make sure it's exactly what you need when you need it.

Best design

Uten ultrasonic cleaner

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Uten ultrasonic cleaner

Technology doesn't have to be ugly

While all the other ultrasonic cleaners you might see are a little industrial, this sleek black number wouldn't look out of place in any home.

It's long, too, at just around 7 inches, so it has plenty of room to house your jewelry without having to get your necklaces in a bundle.

The power of soundwaves

If you are looking for a great in-home ultrasonic cleaner, then the Magnasonic professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is likely perfect for you. Whether it's for cleaning your jewelry or items like dentures or glasses, the Magnasonic is pretty much spot on.

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