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World's Largest 3-D TV Unveiled by LG

Many manufacturers are developing 3-D compatible TVs to accompany the recent push for 3-D shows and movies. LG decided to wow 3-D enthusiasts by unveiling the world's largest UHD (ultra high definition) 3-D TV.

The monster TV is a whopping 84 inches diagonal.

Size isn't the only impressive thing about LG's new creation, unveiled at the Society for Information Display (SID) 2010 conference; the UHD indicates extremely high resolution. This display in particular has a 3840x2160 pixel resolution, which is four times higher than the resolution of standard HD TVs on the market.

LG also impressed conference goers with a 47-inch 3-D TV that doesn't require glasses for viewers to perceive the 3-D effect. Autostereoscopic displays, or 3-D displays that don't require glasses, will be a major focus of display research because many people don't want to wear special glasses while they watch TV, much less search the couch cushions for them every time they turn the display on.

These two units aren't destined for store shelves just yet, but LG is manufacturing 47- and 55-inch 3-D TVs that will be available to consumers shortly, although they will be between $2,500 and $3,000.