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Maine Legalizes Marijuana for Recreational Use

Marijuana plants
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Voters in Maine have decided to legalize recreational marijuana use, the Associated Press reported today.

Maine is now the fourth state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in this election, following California, Nevada and Massachusetts. Prior to the election, such use was already legal in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia.

The Maine law allows people ages 21 and over to use marijuana recreationally. They can also grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes.

As in other states that have legalized marijuana, it is still illegal in Maine to use the drug in public places.

Employers will still have the right to enforce rules about whether they will allow their employees to use the drug.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Maine since 1999.

Gallup poll in October found that 60 percent of Americans now say marijuana should be legal.

Read more at the Associated Press.

Originally published on Live Science.

Sara G. Miller
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