How Much Sleep Do US Adults Get? List of States

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A new survey of more than 440,000 Americans finds that about a third of adults don't get enough sleep.

About 65 percent of Americans get a "healthy" amount of sleep, or at least 7 hours a night, while 35 percent get less than 7 hours of sleep per night, according to the survey. [Here's How Many Americans Actually Sleep 7 Hours]

But the percentage of people getting at least 7 hours of sleep varied by state, ranging from a low of 56 percent in Hawaii to a high of 72 percent in South Dakota. Here's a look at how many people in each state get a good night's sleep:

Alabama: 61.2 Alaska: 65.0 Arizona: 66.7 Arkansas: 62.6 California: 66.4 Colorado: 71.5 Connecticut: 64.8 Delaware: 62.4 District of Columbia: 67.8 Florida: 64.2 Georgia: 61.3 Hawaii: 56.1 Idaho: 69.4 Illinois: 65.6 Indiana: 61.5 Iowa: 69.0 Kansas: 69.1 Kentucky: 60.3 Louisiana: 63.7 Maine: 67.1 Maryland: 61.1 Massachusetts: 65.5 Michigan: 61.3 Missouri: 66.0 Montana: 69.3 Nebraska: 69.6 Nevada: 63.8 New Hampshire: 67.5 New Jersey: 62.8 New Mexico: 68.0 New York: 61.6 North Carolina: 67.6 North Dakota: 68.2 Ohio: 62.1 Oklahoma: 64.3 Oregon: 68.3 Pennsylvania: 62.5 Rhode Island: 63.3 South Carolina: 61.5 South Dakota: 71.6 Tennessee: 62.9 Texas: 67.0 Utah: 69.2 Vermont: 69.0 Virginia: 64.0 Washington: 68.2 West Virginia: 61.6 Wisconsin: 67.8 Wyoming: 68.7

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