In Images: Daredevils Zoom Past a Jumbojet

Two daredevils, Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, recently took a jaw-dropping flight by a commercial jetliner while wearing their own specially designed jetpacks. The duo got some unforgettable images of the flyby, which took place over the skyscrapers of Dubai. [Read the full story on the amazing jetpack flight]

Helicopter above

Though the images capture an exhilarating endeavor, successfully accomplishing the feat was the result of meticulous planning. An Emirates Airbus 380, the world's largest commercial jetliner, flew at 4,000 feet (1220 meters) in a holding formation. About 1,500 feet (460 m) above, a helicopter deployed the two daredevils, who were wearing jetpacks. (Photo credit: XDubai/

Zooming in

The team then zoomed into formation with the jetliner. Here, a view of the trio flying information. (Photo credit: XDubai/

Side by side

The adrenaline junkies were wearing jetpacks composed of a carbon fiber-based wing and four engines. Here, one of the rocketmen is viewed flying side by side with the jumbo jet. (Photo credit: XDubai/

Amazing views

The view from the jetpacks must have been amazing. Here, a stunning shot of Vince Reffet and his colleague Yves Rossy in the distance as they soar alongside the jumbojet. (Photo credit: XDubai/

Sights to see

If any passengers were lucky enough to be on the commercial jetliner, they would have a truly scifi sight: Two men wearing jetpacks zooming past their windows. (Photo credit: XDubai/

Dubai Skyscrapers

The team had gorgeous views as they flew above the skyscrapers of Dubai.  (Photo credit: XDubai/

Speedy flight

The team used four rockets that can produce 88 pounds of thrust to jet around above the Dubai skyline. The jetpacks can reach a cheek-jiggling 195 mph (314 km/h). (Photo credit: XDubai/

Flying in tandem

Here, another view of the two men wearing jetpacks as they zoom by the commercial jumbojet. (Photo credit: XDubai/

Gopro footage

The men wore Gopros to capture some of the footage and create the "you-are-here" feeling of the videos. Here, a shot from one of the flyer's GoPro cameras shows his comrade and the jumbojet in the distance. (Photo credit: XDubai/

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