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Photos: Ancient pterosaur eggs & fossils uncovered in China

Flying Reptile

Male Pterosaur

(Image credit: Chuang Zhao)

Researchers discovered the first three-dimensionally preserved pterosaur eggs in China. Pterosaurs were ancient winged reptiles that lived during the time of dinosaurs.

The eggs and adult fossils belong to a new genus and species of pterosaur (Hamipterus tianshanensis).

Ancient Reptile Egg

Preserved Pterosaur Egg

(Image credit: Xiaolin Wang)

A three-dimensionally preserved pterosaur egg that was found in the Turpan-Hami Basin in China.

Male Skull

Male Pterosaur Skull

(Image credit: Xiaolin Wang)

The fossilized skull of a male Hamipterus tianshanensis, which was uncovered in China. Male pterosaur skulls have larger and thicker crests than female skulls.

Female Skull

Female Pterosaur Skull

(Image credit: Xiaolin Wang)

The skull of a female Hamipterus tianshanensis, found in the Turpan-Hami Basin, located south of the Tian Shan Mountains in Xinjiang, in northwestern China.

Female Pterosaur

Female Pterosaur

(Image credit: Chuang Zhao)

An artistic representation of a female pterosaur.

Rulers of the Ancient Skies

Pterosaur Illustration

(Image credit: Chuang Zhao)

An ecological representation of Hamipterus tianshanensis, a new genus and species of pterosaur.