Flying 'Truck-Copter': Photos of the Black Knight Transformer

Futuristic Flight

Black Knight Transformer in the Desert

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

The Black Knight Transformer, built by Advanced Tactics, Inc., is an unmanned vehicle designed to combine the capabilities of a helicopter, such as the ability to take off and land anywhere, with the capabilities of an off-road truck.

The futuristic flying machine could one day be used by the U.S. military to deliver cargo or evacuate casualties.

Test Flight

Black Knight Transformer

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

During its first test flight in March 2014, the Black Knight Transformer demonstrated a stable and controlled hover.

The landmark flight demonstration was conducted at a secret location in southern California.

Bird's Eye View

Black Knight Transformer - Quadcopter View

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

A much smaller quadcopter drone captured this overhead photo of the Black Knight Transformer during its first flight test.


Black Knight Transformer Hover

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

The Black Knight Transformer has a large interior space (similar to a Black Hawk helicopter), enabling it to transport cargo into combat zones and to carry wounded soldiers away from the battlefield.

Human Scale

Black Knight Transformer Human Scale

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

Rustom Jehangir, an engineer at Advanced Tactics, stands next to the Black Knight Transformer for scale. Jehangir is 6-feet-tall (1.8 meters).

Size Comparison

Black Knight Transformer Size Comparison

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

The Black Knight Transformer is larger than a Ford F-350 truck, shown here for scale. When the "truck-copter" is configured for driving, the engines are stowed against the side of the vehicle.

Lots of Features

Black Knight Transformer Graphic

(Image credit: Advanced Tactics, Inc.)

A graphic describing the advantages and features of the Black Knight Transformer.

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