Christmas Bonanza: Everything You Need To Know About Christmas

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We here at Life's Little Mysteries know that with holiday travel and last-minute shopping, you might have missed some of the great Christmas-themed content we've posted in the last week or so. Well, here's our Christmas gift to you: All of those stories in one place. It's a Christmas miracle! Enjoy, and have a happy and safe holiday.

It may seem like Christmas has always been celebrated in the United States, but that's not the case... The Surprising Truth: Christians Once Banned Christmas

Santa's most famous reindeer wasn't born at the North Pole, but in a department store. Find out why... Who Invented Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

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"Who ever heard of a skinny Santa?" Mrs. Claus asks in the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. Actually, the original Santa was rather slim... Santa Used to Be Skinny: How Did He Get So Fat?

In 1897, a curious 8-year-old girl wrote the New York Sun newspaper asking whether or not Santa Claus is real. The editorial response was so popular that the paper reprinted it at Christmastime for decades after... Is There a Santa Claus?

Santa may already have a sleigh with warp drive, but here are a few high-tech gadgets that would make his job a whole lot easier... Can Tech Help Santa Deliver the Goods? 5 Tech Upgrades for Claus

You would probably guess that if one of Santa's reindeer was female, it would be Vixen. But scientists say that all of Santa's reindeer are females, even Rudolph. Here's why... Are Santa's Reindeer Males?

The Christmas card traditions seems as old as time, but compared to mistletoe and yule logs, it's actually pretty new... Why Do We Send Christmas Cards?

Roasting chestnuts dates back centuries, when people turned up the heat on these nuts for more than just festive fare... Why Do People Roast Chestnuts at Christmastime?

Those hanging up their stockings by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there may not know that the tale that inspired the cheerful Christmas stockings tradition is pretty dark... Why Do We Hang Stockings For Christmas?

That glittering star topping your Christmas tree isn't there just to look pretty it represents the Star of Bethlehem. But some scientists believe the Christian star was not a star at all... Was the Star of Bethlehem Actually Venus?

Mistletoe's magical hold over holiday lovers goes back way before the first office Christmas party... Pucker Up! Why Do People Kiss Under the Mistletoe?

While watching "A Christmas Story," you may wonder whether a person's tongue would really get that stuck to a metal pole. Our advice: don't try it... Will Your Tongue Really Stick to a Frozen Flagpole?

When it comes to packing a good snowball, some wintry mixes are better than others. Learn how to pack the perfect one... Why Do Some Snowballs Stick Together and Others Don't?

Merry Christmas to you from Life's Little Mysteries!

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