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In Images: 100 Most Threatened Species

Araripe Manakin

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Ciro Albano | www.nebrazilbirding.com)

This bird is threatened by habitat destruction due to expansion of agriculture and recreational facilities and water diversion, according to the IUCN. In 2010, there were only an estimated 779 individuals in the wild.

Great Indian Bustard

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Rahul Sachdev)

This bird is also threatened by habitat destruction related to agricultural development. There are only an estimated 50 to 249 individuals left.

Santa Catarina's guinea pig

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Luciano Candisani)

The 40 to 60 individuals left of this species are also threatened by the destruction of their habitat as well as possibly hunting.

Cryptomyces maximus fungus

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: David Harries)

How much of this fungus is left is unknown, but it is threatened by a limited availability of its habitat.

Amsterdam Island albatross

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Eric van der Vlist)

These birds are threatened by disease and can be accidentally captured by long-line fishing operations. There are only about 100 mature individuals.

Sumatran rhino

Sumatran rhino

(Image credit: Copyright Save the Rhino International)

The Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is threatened by hunting for its horn, which is used in traditional medicine. There are fewer than 250 individuals left in the wild.

Table Mountain ghost frog

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Atherton de Villiers)

This species is declining due to invasive plants and water abstraction degrading their habitat. The exact number of individuals is unknown, but they are on the decline.

Archey's frog

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: New Zealand Department of Conservation)

This species of frog suffers from Chytridomycosis as well as predation by invasive species. The actual number of individuals is unknown, but on the decline.

Geometric tortoise

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Erik Baard)

These tortoises are at risk because of habitat destruction and degradation as well as predation. The number of individuals left in the species is unknown.

Red-crested tree rat

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Lizzie Noble Fundacion ProAves)

The unknown number of individuals left of this species of rat are in danger from habitat loss due to urban development and coffee cultivation.

Durrell's Vontsira

endangered species, conservation

(Image credit: Ian Vernon | Tim Hounsome | Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)

The declining numbers of this species of carnivore are at risk from specifically habitat loss.

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