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Snow Clobbers Parts of Colorado Again

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Image of Route 50 at Monarch Pass, Colo., was taken at 2:00 p.m. MDT, Thurs., May 9, 2013. (Image credit: Colorado Department of Transportation.)

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While areas from Denver to Pueblo along I-25 were spared heavy snow this time, the high country to the west was hit with up to a couple of feet of snow Thursday.

A push of cooler, but moist air from the east was just enough to bring a heavy snowfall to the Colorado Rockies from late Wednesday into the afternoon hours Thursday.

The heaviest snow was falling at an elevation above 8,000 feet.

Independence Pass picked up 9 inches of snow by the midday hours Thursday.

Meanwhile, Glen Cove had received well over a foot of snow.

Pikes Peak had managed about 30 inches of snow by the midday.

The snow was not causing any significant travel problems on the highways with most roads in the mountains being reported as wet according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Temperatures Thursday afternoon had reached the 50s east of the Continental Divide in Colorado.

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