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Chicago to Break Record for Latest Measurable Snow

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Chicago seen across a frozen lake Michigan. (Image credit: <a href="">Chicago winter image</a> via Shutterstock )

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It has been 287 days since there has been a measurable snowfall in Chicago, Ill., setting a new record. The snow drought will continue, with another record to fall Monday.

The latest that Chicago has received its first measurable snow (more than a trace) in any winter (in recorded history) was December 16, 1965.

Following a dry day today, that record will be broken on Monday with no snow in the forecast and temperatures warming into the lower 40s.

On Monday, December 10, it had been 281 days without measurable snow. The lack of snow broke a record of 280 days that was set in 1994.

A search on Twitter turned up comments from Chicago residents expressing frustration with the lack of snow, as reflected in this December 15 tweet by Michele, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it rain? No Chicago, No."

Still others are not missing the snow at all, "Ohhh Yay, GoodMorning Dt Chicago (: , No Snow = Happy Jazz," tweeted ThugMonroe99 on December 10.

Whether you are hoping for snow to bring a white Christmas or love the lack of it, Thursday could bring some snow to the area.

"Chicago has a good chance at breaking its snow drought on Thursday. While the upcoming midweek storm should start as rain in Chicago with the heaviest snow aiming for communities to the north, enough cold air should arrive on Thursday to change that rain into accumulating snow," said Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski. All rights reserved. More from

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