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Northeast Snowstorms Possible the Week Before Christmas

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This map shows one possible scenario for the storm Tuesday (Dec. 18) to Wednesday (Dec. 19). (Image credit:

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In the wake of some snow, a wintry mix and rain in the Northeast later this weekend, two more storms may come calling next week. The end result could have some snow on the ground for Christmas in part of the region.

The storm forecast to affect the area Tuesday (Dec. 18) and Wednesday (Dec. 19) now appears much less likely to have damaging wind and coastal flooding issues with it.

However, depending on how quickly the storm organizes from one or more weaker systems and then strengthens will determine whether or not we have an extensive area of snow from the interior mid-Atlantic to New England with rain along the coast.

Only if the storm strengthens and stalls, would there be a rain changing to snow situation along the coast.

Taking that scenario a step further, where this strengthening and stalling occurs would determine which areas along the coast would get the snow. The odds increase for this farther north, in New England.

As Meteorologist Brian Edwards suggested earlier this past week, the pattern would remain rather stormy from the Southwest to the Northeast through the week before Christmas.

Another storm could come calling late next week.

Since the storm is about a week away scenarios are many and details are few at this point.

From a climatological standpoint, odds would favor rain along the coast and rain or snow inland. This storm like its predecessor would have to reorganize and strengthen quickly along the coast to pull enough cold air into the I-95 mid-Atlantic and southeastern New England corridor.

While this may not be prayers answered for folks wanting snow before Christmas, at least it seems the atmosphere is getting much close to bringing snow to the Northeast and will succeed in some areas over the next week.

For skiers and snowmobilers, this could be the best news in a couple of years and just in time for the holidays. All rights reserved. More from

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