AGU 2012: Latest News About Earth & Beyond

The 'blue marble' of earth gets a makeover in this view of the arctic as seen by the Suomi NPP satellite. Image released June 18, 2012. (Image credit: NASA/GSFC/Suomi NPP.)

The annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, the largest meeting for geoscientists each year, is taking place this week (Dec. 3-7) in San Francisco, with lots of new findings in Earth science being announced.

LiveScience and its sister sites, and OurAmazingPlanet, are at the conference, covering the important, amazing and downright strange findings being presented. Below is a list of the discoveries we've covered so far — we'll be adding to it continually throughout the meeting.

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Thursday, Dec. 6

Arctic's Record Melt Worries Scientists

Wednesday, Dec. 5

James Cameron Relives Voyage to Ocean's Deepest Spot

Filmmaker Cameron Expedition Finds Weird Deep-Sea Life

NASA's Next Mars Rover Should Collect Samples, Experts Say

Mars Rover Curiosity Gets Mission Extension

Moon Surprisingly Battered, New Lunar Gravity Map Reveals

Black Marble: Stunning New Images of Earth at Night

Video – Earth's Night Lights

Video – Earth at Night: Stunning New View from Space

Satellites Could Detect Rogue Nuclear Tests

Did Bacteria Fuel World's Worst Extinction?

Killed-Off Corals Hold Clues to Earthquake Prediction

Mysterious Gravity Waves May Explain Clear-Skies Turbulence

Tuesday, Dec. 4

Early Snowmelt Confuses Birds and Bees

Earth's Radiation Belts More Dynamic Than Thought

Fossilized Raindrops May Resolve Early Earth Paradox

'Black Swan' Storms: Extreme Cyclones Linked to Warming Seas

Tsunami Waves Amplified by Buildings

Drought May Have Killed Sumerian Language

VIDEO: Tsunami Simulation Shows Wave's Path

Astronauts Could Survive Mars Radiation for Long Stretches, Rover Study Suggests

Monday, Dec. 3

Voyager 1 Spacecraft Enters New Realm at Solar System's Edge

Greenland Ice Sheet Continues to Thin

Curiosity Rover Finds Organic Signal on Mars, But Not Definitive: NASA

Sunday, Dec. 2

WATCH LIVE - News on Earthquakes, Mars, Climate Change & More: AGU 2012 Meeting

Mars Curiosity & James Cameron: Largest Earth Science Meeting Set to Begin

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