Hurricane Sandy: Photos of a Frankenstorm

East Coast Lights Out

hurricane sandy

(Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory | Jesse Allen and Rob Simmon)

This image was captured on Nov. 1, 2012, after Hurricane Sandy.

GOES satellite image, Oct. 30, 2012

Image from the polar satellite GOES East

(Image credit: Weather satellite images courtesy of the Earth Science Office in Huntsville, Alabama)

An image from NASA's GOES East satellite shows superstorm Sandy hovering over the eastern U.S. GOES is one of several satellites nearing the ends of their expected lifetimes.

Satellite of Sandy on Halloween

hurricane sandy, frankenstorm

(Image credit: NASA GOES Project.)

This GOES-13 satellite image was captured on Oct. 31 at 1240 UTC as Sandy's circulation was winding down over Pennsylvania. Sandy had been downgraded a remnant low pressure area.

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