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Boxing Robot Falls Short of 'Real Steel'

Fighting Robots
The RIC Ninja Master robot mimics the punches of a human after a few seconds of delay. (Image credit: lovingrobotrabbit (YouTube))

Any fans of robot boxing as seen in the film "Real Steel" may envision tomorrow's extreme sports arenas filled with lethal fighting robots. The "RIC Ninja Master" robot looks like a crude toy by comparison, but gamely does its best to dish out padded punches in slow motion.

The small fighting robot with an Android tablet for a head can mimic the punches of a human operator by using an Xtion Pro Live motion sensor; another person uses a controller to make the robot walk. Japan's RT Corporation showed off its robot's stuff at the Google I/O 2012 event held in late June, according to the robot blog Plastic Pals.

A sensors in the robot's gloves and body even detects when it scores hits or takes a hit, but Plastic Pals casts doubt on whether the slow-moving robot could actually land a strike on a faster human opponent. Robot enthusiasts may want to wait for Japan's giant mech robot that allows human pilots to sit inside and use motion-sensing control. [Giant Robot Puts You in the Driver's Sea]

Source: Plastic Pals

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