Image Gallery: A Rainbow of Fall Leaves

Turning a New Leaf

autumn leaf turning from green to yellow

(Image credit: Carlos Munoz | shutterstock)

The above shot captures a maple leaf in the middle of its color transition from a summery green to an autumn yellow.

Dark Green

green autumn leaf

(Image credit: vaklav | shutterstock)

Some varieties of maples retain their dark green coloring throughout autumn, until the leaves dry up and fall off the trees. The Fireglow maple tree, for example, has scarlet leaves during the summer that turn a deep, purplish green in the fall.

Frost Blue

autumn leaf

(Image credit: Gordana Sermek | shutterstock)

Unfortunately, blue doesn't seem to be part of autumn's color palette. So to complete our leaf rainbow, we included a color-filteredphoto of a floating, frost-covered autumn leaf with clouds reflecting on the water.

Maroon Foliage

dark red autumn leaf

(Image credit: vsevolod izotov | shutterstock)

Purple leaves, like the one pictured above, get their colors thanks to anthocyanins, just like red leaves. Anthocyanin is also the purple pigment found in plums, blackberries, grapes and eggplants.

Plum Ivy

dark red autumn leaf

(Image credit: Miroslav Hladík | shutterstock)

Here is another photo of a variety of Boston ivy that turns a rich, wine-red color in the autumn.

Purple Picnic

dark red autumn leaf

(Image credit: cristovao | shutterstock)

Fallen leaves from overhead maple trees created a vivid, mauve carpet.

Hot Pink Leaves

red autumn leaves

(Image credit: Arie v.d. Wolde | shutterstock)

The brilliantly hued, purple-pink leaves on this maple tree branch are another example of fall's diverse foliage.

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