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Gallery: Seals of the World

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monk seal

(Image credit: Dr. James P. McVey, NOAA Sea Grant Program)

The Hawaiian monk seal's Hawaiian name translates to "dog that runs in rough water." The seal is the only seal native to Hawaii, and it is now an endangered species.

Elephant Seals

Elephant seals

(Image credit: Jan Roletto, NOAA)

Elephant seals, seen here on the Farallon Islands off the coast of California, live in harems, with one male mating with many females.

Weddell Seal

Antarctic seal

(Image credit: Michael Van Woert, NOAA NESDIS, ORA )

An Antarctic Weddell seal comes up for air at a breathing hole. Weddell seals can stay submerged for more than an hour

Weddell pup

Weddell seal pup

(Image credit: Commander John Bortniak, NOAA Corps)

Weddell seals haul out on ice to give birth and suckle their young. This pup takes a break from feeding to pose for the camera.