Pet Pig Needs a Facelift

A 550-pound (250 kilogram) pet pig in Australia is scheduled for a facelift, but not out of vanity. Instead, this porker needs cosmetic surgery so he can see properly.

According to local newspaper the Portland Messenger, Boris the pig has an overdeveloped brow so large that it covers his eyes, leaving him unable to see where he's going on his daily walks around Rosewater, a suburb of Adelaide.

The pig's owners, Graeme and Julie Cane told the newspaper that when they bought Boris from a pet shop, he was tiny enough to walk under the belly of the family's Scottish terrier. They were told Boris was a miniature breed who wouldn't tip the scales at more than 130 pounds (60 kg).

That turned out not to be true. Now three years old, Boris enjoys snoozing for 16 hours a day in his owners' bedroom, and he's smart enough to open the refrigerator door.

Boris' brow deformity can't be cured with weight loss, the Canes said; when he drops a few pounds, the loose skin covers his eyes completely, rendering him even more sightless than usual.

Read the full story at the Portside Messenger.

Live Science Staff
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