Dinosaurs: News & Pictures of Dinosaur Types

Dinosaurs types are many and varied, from small bird-like creatures to the largest animals ever to walk on Earth. The subject of blockbuster films, history museum exhibits and much more, dinosaurs continue to interest people today after first appearing approximately 230 million years ago. These vertebrate animals dominated the land for more than 160 million years before experiencing a catastrophic extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago. The first dinosaur was recognized in the 19th century and ever since, dinosaurs have been the source of many questions. What contributed to the rapid extinction of the dinosaur? What do the latest fossil findings reveal about the dinosaur and its way of life? How is the modern bird connected to these prehistoric creatures? Could dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brontosaurus really be brought back to life with mosquito DNA? Inside you'll find dinosaur news & features, along with plenty of pictures.
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Tiny Bite Marks Reveal Afterlife of an Ichthyosaur
A bone fragment from an ichthyosaur
September 16th, 2014
Scientists found traces of scavenging on the bones from a fossilized ichthyosaur from the late Jurassic.
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Giant Dinosaur Could Fill in 'Black Hole' of Fossil Record
Rukwatitan Image
September 8th, 2014
A giant dinosaur found in Tanzania once lived during a lush, green period of flowering plants about 100 million years ago, paleontologists report.
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First Swimming Dinosaur Was 'Half-Duck, Half-Crocodile'
skeletal reconstruction of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.
September 11th, 2014
The iconic Spinosaurus, a dinosaur known largely from bones destroyed in a World War II bombing, was adapted for life in the water, new research finds. This beast was "half-duck, half-crocodile," the researchers added.
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Dreadnoughtus Dinosaur Weighed Whopping 65 Tons, Feared Nothing
Dino Drawing
September 4th, 2014
A gargantuan, long-necked dinosaur as big as a two-story house and weighing as much as 12 elephants once stalked a flower-dotted earth some 77 million years ago in what is now Argentina.
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Nest of Young Dinosaurs with 'Babysitter' Discovered
A nest with the skeletons of baby dinosaurs discovered in China.
September 3rd, 2014
Fossil hunters unearthed the 120-million-year-old bones of 24 baby dinosaurs and the skull of one older dinosaur in China's Liaoning province. The remains suggest that the older dinosaur was sitting atop the nest of the babies, acting as a babysitter.
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