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Christopher Wanjek is the author of the health books "Bad Medicine" and "Food At Work" and the novel "Hey, Einstein!" ( a comical nature-versus-nurture tale about raising clones of Albert Einstein in less-than-ideal settings. His column, Bad Medicine, appears regularly on LiveScience.
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Vicious Cycle of Weight Gain, Inactivity Causes Obesity
An overweight woman sitting outdoors on a rock.
February 26th, 2014
People who are obese spend less than 1 minute per day doing vigorous physical activity, a new study finds.
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Chronic Infections Linked with Memory Problems Later in Life
artist rendering of bacteria
February 13th, 2014
People with chronic viral or bacterial infections may face an increased risk of thinking and memory problems later in life, according to a new study.
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Best US States for Child Kidney Transplants Revealed
Illustration of the kidneys and circulatory system.
January 16th, 2014
For children who need a donated kidney, wait times vary greatly depending on which state they live in, a new study finds.
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Vegetarian Diets Lower Blood Pressure Best
February 24th, 2014
People who eat a vegetarian diet tend to have healthier blood pressure levels than those who don't, according to new research.
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Devastating Plague Strains Arose Twice, Could Return
Bacterium that causes plague
January 27th, 2014
Scientists say that the two great bubonic plagues — the Black Death (14th century) and the Plague of Justinian (6th century) — aren't connected after all, and were caused by different bacterial strains.
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Oh, Never Mind: Top 5 Retracted Science Studies of 2013
frozen test tube
December 31st, 2013
Some retractions are linked to innocent mistakes, such as an accidental mislabeling of data or images that leads the researchers to an erroneous conclusion. Other retractions reflect a serious lapse in ethics or common sense.
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E-Cigarettes Just More Smoke and Mirrors, Doctors Say
A woman smokes an e-cigarette
November 21st, 2013
E-cigarettes are increasingly popular, pitched by the industry as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, but they're just as addictive and harmful in other ways, studies show.
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Stress Causes Headaches, Scientists Confirm
A woman holds her aching head
February 19th, 2014
Stress is linked with headaches, according to a new study that finds that people with more stress in their lives tend to suffer more frequent and more intense headaches.
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Genome of the Blood-Sucking Hookworm Decoded
A hookworm, viewed through a microscope.
January 19th, 2014
Hookworms are parasitic worms, and they currently infect about 700 million people in the world. Now, researchers say they've decoded this blood-sucker's genome, which could lead to better ways to prevent or treat the condition.
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Brains Hardwired to Accept Celebrity Health Advice
Suzanne Somers
December 17th, 2013
The human brain may be hardwired to trust the health advice that celebrities dole out, researchers say.
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