In Photos: Travel Australia's Great Ocean Road

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Great Ocean Road

Credit: Jesse Lewis.
Australia is the largest island on Earth and the oldest continent. It is a place isolated for hundreds of thousands of years. It is a land apart biologically,…Read More »

full of egg laying mammals, bipedal marsupials and dazzlingly beautiful birds.

At the end of this land "down under," the sea does battle with the land. Wind and waves travel uninterrupted for thousands of miles before slamming into the coastline. Sculpted by the elements, this interface between land and sea offers narcotic seascapes, dramatic geology and primeval forests where koalas lounge and colorful parrots shriek.

The aptly named Great Ocean Road hugs the southeastern edge of Australia for over 151 miles (243 kilometers). This Australian National Heritage Road offers an ideal way to explore the wonders of this beguiling coastline and serves as a gateway to its natural attractions.   Less «
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